Our company offers aftermarket domain names, some brandables, some generic. Below, after the most recent post, are alphabetical links to our domains sale offerings.

Through extensive research, we carefully select domains that are appealing and memorable for startups and upstarts – those true disrupters of the internet.

A successful business begins with a solid plan and product/service and a stellar domain name, one that fits the new company perfectly.

These days, acquiring the perfect dotcom domain directly through a domain registrar for $10.00 is highly unlikely. Indeed, most of our offerings have been acquired on the aftermarket.

Often, fledgling businesses view their domain names as an afterthought and begin building on questionable domains – don’t allow this to happen to your company. Rebranding can be expensive and cost your company vital traffic. In fact, it’s best to acquire your domain before announcing your business plans.

We would like to help you find your perfect domain name.

Meanwhile, here are some free tips for selecting your domain name in this article:

Some Tips for Selecting a Powerful Company or Brand Name

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to Acquire One of Our Domain Names Via Go Daddy

So now you’re ready to acquire one of our domains, and this article will tell you how to buy your selected name from us (via Go Daddy).
We like Go Daddy because it’s trustworthy, dedicated to making the transfer of domains safe, easy, fluid, and fast. The auction staff works diligently at protecting both seller and buyer from fraud, which, unfortunately, is a part of the domain sales business.
Your financial details will be safe with Go Daddy – check it out yourself, if you are not sure. Since 2007, when we first signed up with Go Daddy, we have not had a problem with security regarding our financial information.
So we have placed most of our domains on the Go Daddy auction site. In this context, “auction” is a bit of a misnomer because as an opening negotiation we are not actually “auctioning” off our names.
Select domains with opening bids will go to auction, but we have opted to place our domains without bids on the offer/counteroffer platform.
The domain name market is forever changing, both upward and downward, and the offer/counteroffer option allows our company flexibility in pricing.
Most of our domains on the Go Daddy sales site are registered at Go Daddy, so verification of ownership can be easily established.
Our full company contact for, our company name, and, our sales platform, is listed on Go Daddy’s Whois (Synerji) and Go Daddy’s Whois (These Domains Are For Sale). We don’t hide behind privacy. Moreover, the domains that we sell are not private registrations.
For buyers, the best news: the seller (us!) assumes all commission fees. The only fee the buyer pays is $4.95 for a Go Daddy auction membership, good for one year.
Basic steps for purchasing one of our domains (via Go Daddy):

– Sign up for a Go Daddy Auction Membership. (If you are already a member, you can skip this step.)
– On the sale posting, each domain offered for sale offers its own dedicated listing link. Click on this link, and you will go directly to the listing.
– If the link doesn’t work, go to the Go Daddy auction site, and, in the search box, type in the domain you wish to purchase, for example, If you get an error message that says “No keyword provided,” simply re-enter the name. The exact-match listing will be highlighted by a yellow strip. 
– Once you reach the listing, place your offer!
– If you are not logged on, you will be prompted to do so.
– Once you place your offer, we will be emailed, letting us know that an offer has been made.
– We will respond in one of three ways:

* Accept your offer outright, OR
* Send the domain to a 7-day auction (most likely), OR
* Counteroffer

– If we accept, Go Daddy will email you with payment details and instructions.
– Follow Go Daddy’s instructions for submitting payment.
– Once payment has cleared, Go Daddy will let us know when to commence transfer to you. We will NOT receive payment until Go Daddy verifies completed transfer. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us via the contact box, next to our company logo.